• Why did you create Stud or Dud?

    Americans spend thousands of hours each month searching for potential mates online through dating sites and Apps. We no longer depend on the gathering of our peers, friends and relatives to introduce us to someone new or to set up a potential date. It is truly a blind date...well, except for a picture you have!

    Our goal is to provide a free and fun app for adults to discover more information about people around them, new friends, potential dates, future mates & more.

    So, why not take a minute to check Stud or Dud before you meet someone offline?

  • Where can I download Stud or Dud?

    Stud or Dud is available to download in the Apple App Store now! Dowload it now by clicking here. We are currently focused on iOS, with Android to follow. We'll be sure to update social media and our site when Android is available!

  • How do I sign up?

    Once you download the App to your iOS phone, you can sign up using Facebook or Google + or sign up with your email address. It's free.

  • Is Stud or Dud sexist because of our name?

    Not at all! We think both men and women can be Studs! Use the App to check on anyone you meet online, or when out and about. You'll be surprised by what you may find out. We apologize upfront if the name offends you. It's our intent to have a fun way to be safe out the in the world!

  • What kind of information does Stud or Dud provide?

    Search by name, phone number or email address. Stud or Dud searches through millions of records, checking for:

    • Current Address
    • Phone Numbers
    • Traffic Offenses, Criminal Records and Sex Offender Records
    • Property Ownership, Foreclosures and Evictions
    • Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Judgments
    • Professional Records including Corporations and Fictitious Business Names
    • Professional Licenses, DEA Licenses and Pilot Licenses

    We also built a powerful algorithm to identify and determine someone's marital status – Married or Single!

  • What if I find incorrect information?

    Stud or Dud accesses data from publicly available information including birth records, registration cards, magazine subscription forms and numerous other sources. Sometimes people complete these documents with incorrect information. We do not control nor have the ability to edit the content.

  • Can I change results that I see?

    Unfortunately, you are unable to change the results. Stud or Dud accesses records from publicly available information. We do not control or have the ability to edit the content.

  • Can I change my Age?

    No. Your age is pulled from publicly available sources. Stud or Dud does not control any data and therefore, we are unable to change any data you see.

  • Why do you ask to enable location services for Stud or Dud?

    You can choose to enable or disable location services in Settings. We have this option because it allows you to pre-populate who you're looking for, if they are in close proximity.

  • How can I delete information that is displayed about me?

    We value your privacy and, upon request, can block your records from being shown on the Stud or Dud App. We offer a fast, easy and environmentally friendly way to remove your records online. We do not accept opt out requests via fax or mail. To remove your public records from StudorDud, please click here.